everyone at the table Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluaton Reform
"Things that kind of seemed like minutia were really important to [our teachers] and represented fairness to them."

–District Administrator From Seattle

Building Support
Why Engaging Teachers in Evaluation Reform Is Important:
Leaders' Perspectives

This video is intended to inspire local education leaders working on teacher evaluation reform to seek out teachers’ input through structured dialogue.

It was filmed with teachers and administrators from around the country who had conversations that staff in your district, school, or state can and should be having, too.

The video is best viewed as a group on a large screen during an initial teacher evaluation task force or committee meeting. However, it can be viewed at any point in time to raise awareness of the importance of teacher voice.

If you have an Internet connection in the meeting room, you can play this video from a Web browser and connect the computer to a projector.

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