everyone at the table Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluaton Reform
"…Last year, we were trying to have meetings at the end of the day—teach all day and then go to a meeting—and that doesn't work. I think it's really important work, and it needs to be given really focused attention. We've now switched to daytime meetings, which is making a huge difference." 

–Teacher From Seattle

Getting Teachers Talking: Moderator's Guide

The Moderator’s Guide is intended for use by any individual who accepts the task of convening a group or groups of teachers together in dialogue and action related to teacher evaluation reform. The individual might be a teacher leader, a union building representative, or a leader of a committee or task force for teacher evaluation.

The moderator should be able to engage teachers, encourage them to speak up, and then serve as a discussion leader. Later, the moderator then brings teachers’ ideas back to administrative leaders to inform policy decisions.

To help facilitate sessions, the moderator should download and print the Moderator's Guide (PDF, 1.51 MB).

Moderator's Guide Contents:

Note: Teacher handouts can be viewed and downloaded individually from this website.

Some of the activities described in the Moderator’s Guide use other materials downloadable from this site as well. These include:

Foundations of Evaluation PowerPoint Presentation

This presentation is intended to help you or your designee to build teachers’ initial understanding of the issues so that they can engage more meaningfully in dialogue.

Engaging Teachers in Evaluation Reform Video

This video is intended to get teachers thinking about the pros and cons of different evaluation systems and excited about the conversation. It was filmed with teachers and administrators from around the country who had conversations similar to the one that your group will be having.

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