everyone at the table Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluaton Reform
"Teachers aren't usually involved in any of the decisions regarding anything. If teacher input is solicited, it's like a few key teachers, usually the veteran teachers, or whoever is the principal's friend or the clique."

–Teacher From New Orleans

Getting Teachers Talking: Teacher Handouts

The Moderator’s Guide describes several activities that can be used during discussions of teacher evaluation systems.

For your convenience, teacher handouts can be downloaded individually from this page.

All documents are provided in Microsoft Word so that you can edit and adapt them to meet the specific needs of your school, district, or state.

Strategies for Recruiting Teachers for the Dialogue

“Taking the Temperature” Part 1: Consensogram Activity

Focus Group Facilitation Activity

Carousel Brainstorming Activity

Interview Activity

Storyboarding Activity

Additional Resources and Jigsaw Activity

Build Your Own Evaluation

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