everyone at the table Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluaton Reform
"The teacher involvement is critical. The teachers who are on our development task force can go out and say with their hearts, 'here is how we put it together. Here is the thought that went into it. Here is how it will benefit you.' "

–District Administrator From Seattle

Getting Started: Plan Your Approach

Sample Plan 3. One Core Conversation at the Table

Suggested Timeline Suggested Time Activity Description

Days 1–2


Teacher Recruitment

During this time period, the moderator sends some e-mails to colleagues, employees, and teacher friends; posts the invitation in the staff room; and tries to gather as many RSVPs as possible to have a ballpark figure for how many teachers will show up.

Anytime between Day 3 and your deadline

2 hours

Focus Group Facilitation Activity (which includes
viewing the Engaging
Teachers in Evaluation Reform

These activities present three different scenarios for teacher evaluation. Each scenario contains different elements in different combinations, none of which are fully right or wrong. This approach provides a starting point for conversation about what an effective evaluation system might look like in your school or district. Teachers will work to build consensus, though it is okay if not everyone agrees and no final consensus is met.

If you have time

45–60 minutes

Build Your Own Evaluation

Drawing on the scenarios from the Focus Group Facilitation Activity, participating teachers will reach consensus about the preferred approach to teacher evaluation in the school or district. The results are compiled in Build Your Own Evaluation—Group Handout 2.

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