everyone at the table Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluaton Reform
"I think engaging teachers and really figuring out what's important to them is key…. It's really important to find the root of what really will motivate and inspire our teachers so that we can be supporting them, and they can be growing, and thereby helping students."

–District Administrator From Seattle

Getting Started: Recruitment Strategies

Tips for Recruiting Teachers

With a plan in place, your next step is to recruit teachers to engage in the dialogue. It is never too late to involve teachers, but earlier definitely is better. The following tips are recommended:

Strategies for Convening Engagement Teams

Strategies for convening teacher engagement teams include the following:

Sample Teacher Recruitment Invitation

You may want to download the Sample Teacher Recruitment Invitation and modify it to help kick off your teacher recruitment efforts. The template is provided in Microsoft Word so that you can edit and adapt it to meet the specific needs of your school, district, or state.

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