everyone at the table Everyone at the Table: Engaging Teachers in Evaluaton Reform
"If you don't communicate then there's a lack of trust and greater divide."

–District Superintendent From Louisiana

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should be using this website?

This website is intended for use by school or district leaders who wish to convene teachers for dialogue and action regarding teacher evaluation reform. The materials are best suited for school districts in the early stages of contemplating teacher evaluation reform, but districts whose reforms are well under way also will find some key takeaways.

What will using this website involve?

The materials on this website should be used to coordinate specific activities to engage teachers, starting with brainstorming your plan of action and ending with clearly defined ideas and concerns that emerge from your teachers. To get the most out of this site, it is recommended that you engage in a facilitated focus group discussion based on three different, yet realistic, approaches to teacher evaluation that are summarized in the Engaging Teachers in Evaluation Reform Video

Refer to the Moderator's Guide for a template for recording the outcomes of this discussion, as well as instructions and handouts for additional activities and tools for synthesizing teachers’ ideas and concerns. You can simply download tools that suit your needs, but we recommend that you decide on a plan, based on your timeline and other factors, and draw on structured activities that support the plan.

We already started changing our evaluation system. Is it too late to use these materials?

No, it is never too late to engage teachers in evaluation reform. Ideally, teachers’ voices should be included in the process of designing effective evaluation from the beginning; however, the materials are flexible and can be used at any time.

How were the materials developed?

The materials included on this website were developed by Public Agenda and American Institutes for Research based on an applied research, development, and dissemination project focused specifically on teacher evaluation and measuring teacher effectiveness.

Can the materials be modified to meet our unique context?

Yes. The materials are posted in Microsoft Word to allow you to easily download and adapt them to reflect the important questions and issues in your school, district, or state.

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